The Stomping Boondocks are: Paul Good (Caller, Vocals, Guitar), Jerry Bird (Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals), Karl Hayman (Guitar, Vocals, Percussion), Graham Grishman (Drums) and Adam Parker (Bass)

Formed in the early stages of 2015, Paul aimed to create his own brand of Folk & Ceilidh after years of working within the scene and as such, the Stomping Boondocks were born –  beginning their evolution from a Levellers-inspired acoustic outfit into the upbeat folk-pop band they are now. He has brought together a creative and unique selection of highly experienced musicians with credits across Europe to share his folk vision.

The Stomping Boondocks can now be found across the country and abroad bringing their individual blend of Celtic Folk, traditional Ceilidh and a hint of rocky charm to weddings, functions, festivals and boozers near you!


IMG_0091 Paul Good
Caller, Vocals & Guitar

The comedian of the group, Paul has a wicked ability to ensure that everyone around him is having a GREAT time. A guitarist in folk bands for years, Paul’s relaxed and fun personality naturally lends itself to calling dances. If you want to learn to dance, Paul can teach you, and you can guarantee you’ll have a laugh doing it!


IMG_0085 Jerry Bird
Fiddle & Mandolin

Give him an instrument, he will be able to play it. A legend in the folk scene running folk nights across Dorset, Jerry is an encyclopaedia of traditional folk. His effortless playing will instantly draw your attention, if not then it’ll probably be his fedora!


IMG_0099 Karl Hayman
Guitar, Vocals & Percussion

Guitarist, Music Teacher, Sound Engineer – if it’s musical, Karl knows it. An experienced guitarist well known throughout the music scene in the South, Karl brings a skillful lead and rhythm edge to the band.


Print Adam Parker

A bassist heralding from the Manchester music scene, Adam comes from a punk background. Never to be underestimated, his playing is subtle yet grooves, adding a depth of rhythm and keeping the band together.



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